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Frequently Asked Questions about Log Book servicing

To help you understand Log Book servicing and learn more about Wilkie's Auto Centre in Bongaree, please read the questions and answers below:

What is a Log Book Service?

A log book service is done as per the vehicle's servicing requirements.

Why do I need a log book service?

A logbook service is required to maintain warranty.

What happens if I miss a Service?

If you miss a logbook service and the vehicle is still under warranty this will void the warranty. If the vehicle is out of warranty a service is recommended every 6 months or 10,000kms.

Do you have Loan cars and how much do they cost?

No, we do not have loan cars but do have a courtesy bus and can drop you back home and then collect you when your vehicle is finished.

Will I lose my New Car Warranty if I don't go back to the dealer?

No - you will not lose your new car warranty as Wilkies perform log book servicing as per manufacturers requirements. We have more information on this for you in our article. Please click here.

I have lost my Log Book, do I need it?

If your vehicle is under warranty you need a logbook - we can supply a Repco logbook to show proof the vehicle has been serviced as per manufacturers requirements.

Do you provide Digital reports for the work you have done?


Do you provide Digital reports of what's wrong with my car?

Yes. This appears on the invoice and can be sent electronically.

How long will the service take?

This would depend on what service your vehicle requires. For a general service you would be looking at 1.25 - 1.5hours. If it is a major service we can quote you on price and time required.

How much will my service cost?

This varies with each vehicle - generally if it is a small vehicle approx $270, 4wd vehicles approx $340 and diesel 4wd vehicles $390. Every vehicle takes different quantities of oil and has different filters therefore costs will vary.

How can I pay for my Service?

We accept all types of credit cards, including AMEX and by cash.

When are you Open?

Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm

What is the earliest time I can bring my car in?

You can drop off your vehicle as early as required - there is an after-hours box that customers can drop their keys into.

Can I drop off my car after hours?


Is there a secure key drop off box after hours?

Yes (See above)

Can I collect my car after hours?

Yes - we have 2 after hours key lock boxes.

Can you pick up my car from home?

Unfortunately we cannot pick your car up.

Can you drop me home when I deliver my car for servicing or repair?

Yes - Wilkie's Auto Centre have a courtesy bus for drop off and pick up.

What happens if something is not right after my car service?

We warranty all repairs to your vehicle and if you are not satisfied we ask you to contact the office and bring back your vehicle so it can be repaired to your satisfaction. Plus you have the added assurance of our REPCO Nationwide Warranty if you find yourself out of town.

Will you give me reminders when my next service is due?

Wilkie's Auto Centre put a lube sticker on your windscreen showing the date and Kilometres when it is due for servicing.

Can my car be serviced at the same time it is being repaired?

Yes it can.

How do I book my car in for a service?

How often should I really service my car?

Wilkie's Auto Centre recommends every 10,000kms or 6 months.

I don't drive much, do I still need a service?

Yes. Things still deteriorate and with regular servicing you can detect early any issues that may be arising.

Can you fix other things while my car is being serviced?

Yes we can.

Can you wash my car?

No - we do not wash cars.

Do you use good quality oils and parts?

Yes. Wilkie's Auto Centre are a Repco Authorised Service Centre and use only high quality parts from Repco. We source genuine parts when required and use Penrite Oils.

Do you check my brakes during a service?

Yes - Wilkie's Auto Centre always check your brakes as part of a service.

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